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 Dear valued customer!

 With the slogan “We sell more than just products, we sell total productivity solutions”, Huynh Thy offer a comprehensive system of products and services, accompany our customers to success.
Starting with only one product line, Huynh Thy has evolved into a leading provider of productivity solutions for wide range of fields and applications ranging from compressed air system for industry, transportation, construction, to port-operating equipment or clean fuel CNG technology.

We are a proud distributor and strategic partner of world class manufacturers..

To hand-in-hand grow with our customers, Huynh Thy offers not only technological solution but also financial and investment strategies to our clients to not only cut down cost, optimized human resources, management but also to have continuous and direct support from our prestigue manufacturers. One of our fruitful solutions which are chosen by many customers is the Rental solution.

For more than 13 years of expiriences, Huynh Thy has laid down a foundation for our quality. We commit to be a partner in whom you trust.


One of top 10 trading companies in Vietnam specialized in equipment rental solution


Our total solution for customer’ sustainable productivity


Come to Huynh Thy, your are assured to get the following core values: