Faster, safer and cleaner mooring

MoorMaster™ automated mooring eliminates the need for mooring lines with automated vacuum pads that moor and release vessels in seconds at the push of a button.

MoorMaster™ dramatically improves safety and operational efficiency, optimises the ship-to-shore interface, and in many cases enables ports to make infrastructure savings.

New MoorMaster NxG represents the peak of vacuum mooring

Every minute matters with the next generation MoorMaster technology. As the inventors of vacuum mooring, we’ve used every minute of data from 20 years’ service to redesign it from the ground up.

MoorMaster NxG now offers even quicker access to game-changing mooring technology. And thanks to Cavotec’s large and growing investment in software, every system will become even more intelligent every year. 

Introducing MoorMaster as a Service: Subscription vacuum mooring

Get the productivity of MoorMaster with zero upfront investment and guaranteed performance, all fully managed by Cavotec. Put simply, we’ll own the system and cover 100% of the equipment and maintenance costs. So you can focus on a smarter, more productive port, with a subscription plan that’s tailored to your business. 

Features and benefits

Works with virtually all vessels

  • Modular design and vacuum pads that attach to any flat surface
  • Can be used with a wide variety of vessels and applications, irrespective of vessel size and design
  • MoorMaster™ systems are used to moor ferries as well as 400m container ships and bulk carriers of more than 300m

Mooring in less than 30 seconds

  • Faster turn-around times and more ship calls result in improved productivity
  • Reduced energy consumption and emissions from tugs and vessel thrusters
  • Reduced cruising speeds result in reduced energy consumption
  • More than 90% reduction in emissions during ship berthing due to reduced use of tugs and ship engines
  • Fast and simple connection to shore power
  • Reduced erosion of seabed driving cost savings

Mooring at the push of a button by one remote operator

  • Reduces risk of mooring accidents as there are no snap-back zones and personnel do not need to perform hard manual labor in hazardous areas
  • Mooring can be undertaken from any location, thereby increasing flexibility of operations

Vessel overhang

  • No infrastructure investment needed to berth larger vessels since MoorMaster™ only needs to attach to the parallel sideboard of the vessel
  • Quay length can be “virtually” extended as vessels’ bows can overhang the end of the quay
  • Any vessel can use the berth, even vessels that are longer than the berth

Reduced vessel motion due to advanced control system

  • Increased productivity for ship loading/unloading operations
  • Improved pier utilisation due to closer vessel spacing
  • Real-time monitoring of mooring processes and forces
  • Superior vessel control due to patent protected Active Control technology
  • MoorMaster™ can potentially reduce breakwater extension requirements

An unrivalled track record

Twenty years after the first MoorMaster™ system entered service, this unique technology remains the only widely used automated mooring technology on the market. With its key patents and optimised hydraulics, the system offers superior performance to that claimed by any other system on the market, while maintaining low energy consumption.