Huynh Thy Group Introduces the Crane Simulation Training Center (HSTC) at the VPA Seaports Conference 2023

On September 21, 2023, the Vietnam Seaports Association (VPA) successfully organized its annual conference in collaboration with the hosting unit, Dong Nai Port, at the Pullman Hotel in Vung Tau City.

The conference was attended by Mr. Le Do Muoi, the Director-General of the Vietnam Maritime Administration; Mr. Bui Thien Thu, the Director-General of the Inland Waterways Administration of Vietnam; Mr. Nguyen Cao Luc, former Deputy Chief of the Government Office; leaders from Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Dong Nai Province, nearly 500 delegates from 81 member ports, and representatives from businesses providing equipment for the Port Operations sector.

Huynh Thy had the honor of being the main sponsor for the Vietnam Seaports Association’s (VPA) annual conference in 2023. This marked the fourth consecutive year that Huynh Thy Group had collaborated with VPA in organizing this event. This underlined Huynh Thy’s commitment to steadfastly support the development of the maritime port industry in Vietnam.

At VPA 2023, Huynh Thy and their partner, Globalsim, introduced the Huynh Thy Crane Simulation Training Center (HSTC) and the GlobalSim Full-Mission Simulation Training System from the United States.

VPA Seaports Conference 2023

About the VPA Conference

The Vietnam Seaports Association (VPA) was established in 1994, and after more than 29 years of existence, it boasts 81 members, including ports located in the northern, central, and southern regions of Vietnam. Major ports in Vietnam are among the association’s members. Currently, the association has two executive members holding the positions of President and General Secretary of the ASEAN Ports Association (APA) for the 2023-2024 term.

In 2023, VPA focused particularly on adjusting port service prices, reducing subsidies for transportation, and improving port infrastructure. Additionally, they aimed to optimize port management and operations to ensure efficiency and competitiveness in the future. The support from Huynh Thy Group in providing advanced simulation training solutions was a significant step toward enhancing safety and quality in the field of container handling and operations in Vietnam.

Huynh Thy and the Mission to Elevate the Standards of Seaport Workforce Training

Another noteworthy point from this conference is that Huynh Thy Group presented the Huynh Thy Simulation Training Center (or HSTC) and the Full-Mission simulation training system by GlobalSim. HSTC is the first crane operator training center in Vietnam to incorporate advanced simulation technology into its training curriculum, with a mission to enhance productivity, safety, and quality in the field of container handling and operations in Vietnam.

Huynh Thy and the Mission to Elevate the Standards of Seaport Workforce Training

HSTC is part of Huynh Thy’s ecosystem, strategically positioned to become a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for Vietnam’s maritime industry. Within this strategy, HSTC focuses on developing the human resources for the industry, making it the preferred choice for customers who desire a workforce with integrity and skills trained according to international standards.

About Huynh Thy Group’s Crane Operator Training Center (HSTC)

HSTC is the first Container Crane (STS/RTG) operator training center in Vietnam to utilize cutting-edge 4-D virtual reality simulation technology from the United States.

At HSTC, students undergo training and gain experience in:

  • The world’s most advanced simulation technology (Full-mission Simulator).
  • Internationally accredited training curriculum provided by two strategic partners, Mitsui E&S (Japan) with 100 years of experience in container crane design and manufacturing, and GlobalSim (USA), a leading developer of simulation technology.

Representatives from Huynh Thy Group Present HSTC at the Conference

  • HSTC represents an optimal training solution. It helps students become professional operational experts, enhancing port productivity, safety, and optimizing training and operational costs.

OUR MISSION: HSTC offers international quality programs using advanced simulation technology to train professional crane operators, enhancing productivity, safety, and quality in container handling operations in Vietnam.

OUR VISION: HSTC is part of Huynh Thy’s ecosystem within their strategy to become a comprehensive solutions provider for the maritime industry in Vietnam. HSTC focuses on developing human resources for the industry, becoming the first choice for customers who seek for qualified, global-standardized employees.

Why Choose Us?

It is the ONLY facility in Vietnam that uses simulation technology, providing an environment and various operational scenarios to challenge and train students – something traditional training methods cannot achieve.

  • We offer an internationally accredited curriculum provided by strategic partners Mitsui E&S and GlobalSim, equipping students with knowledge and professional work standards, enhancing productivity.
  • We help you save up to 75% on training costs compared to traditional training methods.
  • We help you increase labor productivity and REDUCES vessel turnaround time through longer practical training durations.
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