Huỳnh Thy to distribute SHACMAN Yard Tractors in Vietnam

Shanghai, August 25, 2023 – Shaanxi Automobile Corporation, well known as SHACMAN, officially authorized Huỳnh Thy as the distributor of SHACMAN Yard Tractors in Vietnam. With the introduction of this new product, Huỳnh Thy proudly offer to customers in Port and Logistics industry with another choice of Yard Tractor, in addition to the familiar Terberg brand from the Netherlands which we have been providing.


Founded in 1968, SHACMAN is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, holding over 20% of the global market share. In Vietnam, Shacman has become a well known and reliable choice for customers in logistics.

With advantage of experiences and more than 15 years of research and development, SHACMAN expand its presence in the market with 2 product lines, 3 fuel versions (diesel, natural gas, and pure electric), and 20 different models suitable for various operational environments such as ports, logistics areas, and steel plants. Currently, SHACMAN dominates over 60% of the specialized tractor market in China, with more than 4000 units sold annually. It is also growing in supplying green trucks (LNG, Electric) to all over the world. 

SHACMAN yard tractors in Vietnam

SHACMAN Yard Tractors

In the Vietnamese, Huỳnh Thy is recognized as a leading provider of general and specialized tractors, having distributed thousands of various types of tractors. Specifically, Huỳnh Thy has supplied more than 500 units of Yard tractor to Ports, ICDs, and warehouse operations, taking over 60% market share in Vietnam.

With a proven track record of expertise and credibility spanning more than 13 years, Huỳnh Thy proudly add SHACMAN yard tractors to our total productivity solutions offered in Vietnam.

SHACMAN yard tractor model ranges:

1900 9696 64
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