Rental Service

The Rental division is becoming the key business of Huynh Thy. We specialize in buying equipment on behalf of our customers then lease to them, after a period of rental, customers will be the owner of the equipment. Therefore, we are able to offer the most competitive prices to meet various affordability level of our customers. Huynh Thy’s strategic objective is to develop rental services, enhance competitiveness, expand the market and reinvest for sustainable development in long term.
  1. Control expenses
  2. Inventory Control
  3. The right equipment for the job
  4. 24/7 Customer industrial equipment
  5. Save on storage/warehousing
  6. Reduce Down Time
  7. No costly repairs or up-keep
  8. Save disposal costs
  9. Cost control
  10. Equipment tracking
  11. Less hassle with licenses
  12. Conserve capital
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