Established in 1968, Shacman listed as one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world which hold more than 20% of global market share. After 15 years of research and development, SHACMAN Terminal Tractor has formed 2 series, 3 fuel versions (diesel, natural gas and pure electric), and the product layout of more than 20 derivative models can be well adapted to the operating environment requirements such as terminal, logistics park and steel mills. Currently, Shacman holding more than 60% market share of Terminal Tractor in China with more than 4000 units sales annually.

 In Vietnam market, Huynh Thy proudly to be Shacman Terminal Tractor exclusive supplier. With low profile head tractors to handle heavy load at great mobility in container ports, ICD, warehouses. The ultimate benefits of Shacman terminal tractors not only come from their outstanding flexibility and effectiveness but also the readiness of spare parts and highly cost-effective in the market.